• 29 May 2020: We presented our work to Xing Xie’s team at Microsoft Research Asia with whom we were acquainted in our resource planning meeting with Microsoft Azure. Xing Xie also presented us their work so far and we discussed how we could collaborate going forward. Our collaboration details were later presented to the Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia in their annual Director Report presentation.

  • 18 May 2020: We now have a newly formed econometrics research team. We presented our modeling works to leading economists and economic research groups in Nepal. We discussed how our modeling efforts and their economic research regarding COVID crisis can benefit both sides and what help we need from them in enhancing our models.

  • 16 May 2020: We are now closely collaborating with some modeling experts from CERN after Dr Bibhushan Shakya, a fellow of the Theory Division at CERN, reached out to us with an initiative to adapt their agent-based modeling approach for Nepal. It fits well with our social network analysis approaches described in our HPC Consortium proposal. After email exchanges, a couple meetings at CERN and within about each other, we had a conference call where we made a roadmap for our collaboration.

  • 3 May 2020: Our team members Kiran Raj Pandey and Bishesh Khanal released their work on Covid-19 control strategies intervention effects in resource limited settings with Kathmandu's data. It is released as preprint and is under review in PlosOne. Link to the preprint.

Pandey, Kiran Raj, Anup Subedee, Bishesh Khanal, and Bhagawan Koirala. "COVID-19 Control Strategies and Intervention Effects in Resource Limited Settings: A Modeling Study." medRxiv (2020).